The ideal plant that opens up a new era

The ideal plant that opens up a new era



ECO STAR : FIFTH MONOZUKURI JAPAN GRAND PRIZE. Awarded the prime minister’s prize. Delicious soy milk Safe and secure manufacturing method uniform and stable products.

1. Making delicious soy milk that brings out the sweetness and flavor

Grinding after dehulling soybean skin that feels astringency. It is boiled in a double-pressure kettle unique to YSP to make soybean milk with the original sweetness and umami taste. Manufacturers that have introduced the system are now working to develop value added products.

2. More stable quality

Soybean soaking has resulted in unstable quality. In addition, soybean nutrients flowed out into the soaking water, which speeds up oxidation. The eco-star eliminates the possibility of quality fluctuation by eliminating the need for soaking process.

3. No make to stock production required

The soaking time required for about 8 to 20 hours is unnecessary, so you can also respond to sudden additional orders. Since we do not have to make a stock production, we can expect a substantial reduction in material and personnel costs.

4. Drastic reduction in running costs

The cost of daily water supply and drainage required for soaking is eliminated, resulting in significant reduction in running costs. The soaking tank and soaking space are no longer required.

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What is non-soaking?

As a part of soymilk pre-processing work, soybean raw material is soaked in water. It takes about 8 to 20 hours to be soaked. Eco-Star succeeded in eliminating the soybean soaking process. We can provide delicious soymilk without allowing the ingredients to flow out in the soaked water.


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