Personalized sleeves and self-adhesive labels

Personalized sleeves and self-adhesive labels

Orograf Srl. has been in the SELF-ADHESIVE LABEL and SLEEVE business for 50 years and we are a well-established firm, both in Italy and internationally, hold ISO 9001:2015 certificate. We offer a high-quality and highly flexible all-round service, from graphic design through to final printing.

Our production facilities are highly innovative and use the most advanced manufacturing technologies. We have a wide range of printing systems (letterpress, screen, HD flexo, digital, offset, hot relief, dry relief, perforation, glitter effect and on-foil pantone overprinting), and we can print on all types of material, adhesive and non-adhesive (laid, embossed, metallized paper, synthetic films, twin and booklet labels, reels and sheets), for any kind of end product.

But what really distinguishes Orograf Srl. is that we can combine multiple printing systems on the same production line and therefore offer our customers unique and customized final products tailored to their specific needs.

Food Labels

Regardless of whether they are applied on packaging or directly on products and fresh foods, labels for foodstuffs must be produced respecting a series of precautions dictated by the particular products on which they are to be applied.

Above all they must be produced in compliance with consumer health protection laws.

OROGRAF uses top-quality certified and guaranteed materials that meet these legal requirements and guarantee consumer protection.

In addition to informing the consumer about the product, food labels can be used as warranty seals or open-and-close labels; they can also carry advertising, recipes, warnings, information about competitions, discounts, and so on.

As well as being customized with logos, colours and ingredients, food labels also need to carry traceability information, such as barcodes, progressive numbers, production and best before dates, batch codes and other variable data.

Orograf offers a wide range of plasticized materials, white and transparent, as well as standard finishes such as lamination and protective anti-UV coatings, hot foil printing and relief embossing.


sleeve is a tubular label that shrinks when heated, perfectly fitting the product and giving it great visual appeal.

Our sleeves (produced in PET, PVC or PLA) can be printed in multiple colours, including metallized ones. An important characteristic is the option of providing every sleeve with a “tear off” system.

This is essential for products that consumers need to be able to open easily after purchase; this system also allows the sleeve to be removed from the container for recycling, once the product has been consumed.


Multipage, Twin and Peel-off labels are all great solutions when the available space is limited and needs to be optimized.

Multipage labels, as their name suggests, have a number of pages and they come in different sizes and formats: they can take the form of folded leaflets; detachable or with a transparent resealable cover; or booklets (bound like a book).

Peel-off labels can have 2 layers (4 printable surfaces), 3/4/5 layers, or a booklet format; they can be printed in multiple colours, also internally, and there is the option of adding various other features, such as a tear-off system.

Twin labels are special self-adhesive “page-like” labels where a second layer (or page) can be applied on top of the first. This can be peeled back, read and repositioned.

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