Pnd, leader in fruit processing machinery worldwide

Pnd, leader in fruit processing machinery worldwide

Among the most innovative companies in the field of construction and marketing of machines for fruit processing, PND srl is continuing to follow its path of growth and specialisation, further consolidating its leadership in international markets, providing the ideal solution to its customers who are engaged in processing fruit by anticipating and supporting market trend, continuously designing and constructing new machinery.

The company’s success has not distracted PND from its own objectives: to design machines capable of efficiently fulfilling the required task and continually improving processes.

PND is proud of its strong identity. This philosophy allows the company to only focus on the singular task of designing machines that will complement our customers goals. By focusing on the customer, we avoid the pitfalls of pursuing frenetic diversification. The only recognition to which PND aspires is the satisfaction of its customers, who choose PND machines based on the sub-stance of the proposed solutions. By selecting PND as a business partner, the customer chooses a made-to-measure technology. PND’s ability to renovate its image and the new communication strategy make it among the most modern companies in the sector.

The experience that we have gained in the last 22 years of activity has allowed PND to make continuous innovation on machinery design and creating an extensive catalogue of machinery. This includes advanced solutions for the processing of pears, apples, kiwis, oranges, grapefruits, lemons, pineapples, lemons, mangoes, strawberries and peaches, with all possible variations in order to meet the needs of companies processing fresh products in Fruit-Fresh- Cut, the canning industry (fruit in syrup), and dried and frozen sectors.

Among our company’s top products are Automatic and manual peeling, coring and cutting machines as well as treatment and prewash tanks for many varieties of fruits.

In the United States, the Fresh Cut sector is a fast growing and important sector of the food industry. But in other countries like Turkey, the main operations are focused on dehydrated or dried products. This trend is also proving a great success in Europe where dried fruit is racking up triple-digit figures in the percentage growth of dried fruit snacks.

The food industry has always had a need for innovation, with different requirements and uniqueness depending on the different target markets. By choosing one of the 18 semi-automatic, manual or automatic machines manufactured by PND, customers rechoosing a standard machine that can be tailored to your needs. All of PND’s machines are designed to facilitate inspection, maintenance and cleaning tasks, and possible replacement of damaged items, thanks to the easy access to the corresponding parts.

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