Duetti packaging first and foremost innovation

Duetti packaging first and foremost innovation

Duetti packaging was founded in 2008 in Galliera Veneta (PD) Italy, immediately moving towards the design and construction of end-of-line packaging systems.

The years following its foundation are characterized by a gradual affirmation of the company throughout the Italian and foreign territory, through the creation of a young and professional sales network.

Our production range includes depalletizers, form and close cartons units with adhesive tape / hot melt glue, vertical / horizontal carton packers, pick & place, wrap-around, traditional / robotized / Cartesian palletizers, handling and supervision systems.

Duetti designs projects by studying the best solution in terms of flexibility, productivity, and footprint.

The attention given at every stage of production, together with an efficient after-sales service, ensures successful installations all over the world.

Duetti Packaging has many years of experience, above all in the beverage, canning and glass industries, especially meat and fish sauces, pickled vegetables, fruit juices, soft drinks, water, etc.

Special attention is given to technological development in every department, from electronics to electro mechanics, from mechanics to programming, allowing Duetti Packaging to present itself with innovative solutions in the field of secondary packaging automation.

Advice, collaboration, and trust are the corner stones on which the company’s success has been built with our machines designed and built to achieve performance, be functional and reliable over time. The structure of the machines allows easy cleaning and maintenance by the operator guaranteeing the quality.

Duetti’s commitment to research and development allows it to offer the market increasingly advanced solutions, not only from the technical point of view but also in terms of service quality, optimization of the production process combined with simplicity of use and maintenance.

The process of growth and transformation, albeit very rapid, has always been accompanied by careful and intelligent production and marketing planning, which has allowed Duetti to establish itself as one of the most dynamic and innovative companies on the market, an essential condition for becoming one of the most recognized partners.

To guarantee the quality of production and services, Duetti Packaging with Industry 4.0 standard and is ISO 9001 certified.

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