GB Bernucci is an historic company operating in the food packaging since 1946. In accordance with the law and in compliance with quality requirements, GB Bernucci, with its business partners, provides a wide range of packaging solutions and is constantly dedicated to the research and development of innovative products made of eco-friendly materials that comply with its Mission: Food Safety, Respect for the Environment & Search for innovative packaging.


One of the most extraordinary products that GB Bernucci offers is Slimfresh: it is an innovative and environmentally friendly packaging solution, made of a laminated cardboard base with a food liner and coated with a top as a second invisible skin around the product.

This coating offers the possibility of extending food shelf-life, ensuring freshness and time lasting. Recycling and sustainability are the guidelines of this new eco-friendly packaging: with a simple gesture you can remove the paper from the film ensuring an efficient recycling. Slimfresh is indeed recyclable with paper.

The versatility of the product and its immediate display are the strengths of his new packaging. In addition, thanks to a completely customizable paper based with four colour printing, it offers a new advertising solution and it also give the opportunity to pack irregular shapes for better merchandising.

Upon request, Slimfresh can be produced with paper branded FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). FSC, is the international NGO that established a certification system to ensure responsible forest management and sustainability in the wood-paper supply chain.

FSC issues two different certifications: FMC (Forest Management Certification) and COC (Chain of Custody)

In summary, this skin-pack is the solution to meet the various needs of the consumer, manufacturer and environment.


Paperseal is an innovative, ecofriendly and sustainable tray that offers brands and retailers the opportunity to replace Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) plastic trays and Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP) trays with a barrier-lined paperboard alternative.

Compared to traditional trays, this new packaging allows a plastic reduction of about 90% as the thin inner layer can be easily removed and disposed separately, ensuring an efficient recycling.

This tray is recommended for cheese, fresh or processed meat, ready-made products, frozen foods, snacks, salad and fruit. The hermetically-sealed tray ensures the product remains fresh, with up to 28 days of shelf life, depending on the application. Minimum bulk and maximum advantage in one single packaging.

The exclusive sealing process leads to a perfectly sealed surface. It is possible to customize the whole surface of the tray with an offset print up to 5+5 colors, both internally and externally, ensuring a 360°communication that perfectly meets the requirements of each customer.

PaperSeal Cook is a brand new tray technology for oven and microwave-ready chilled and frozen food applications. It has been created to match the functionality and performance of existing trays.

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