People + Technology = Confectionery success

People + Technology = Confectionery success

Mindset & approach are just as important as technology when it comes to dealing across global markets. Trust underpins so many relationships, which can then be reinforced with class-leading secondary packaging technology

As a global supplier, Cama Group knows that there are two primary elements to any successful machine order. Technology and people! Simply delivering powerful yet easy-to-use machines and helping companies to modernize their infrastructure – especially in emerging and growing markets – is just half the story. Understanding local customs, cultures and business practices is just as vital!

And it is this deep appreciation of local demands and nuances that has helped Cama to grow and reinforce its share in many of the world’s markets, be they established, growing or emerging.

A case in point is a recent project in Middle East, which saw CAMA deliver three secondary packaging machines to a confectionery manufacturer. In this instance, according to Renato Dell’oro, Cama’s Area Sales Manager for the Middle East: “We had to have a personal mindset and approach that was just as flexible as our machines!”

Cama is fortunate to have a team that has been working with the region for a number of years. “We have a sales and engineering team that is used to the market dynamics and the ways of doing business. And our personnel + technology combination is obviously paying off, as we already had already four machines installed there and are currently negotiating a fifth. I particularly enjoy working in this region, as it is all down to gaining confidence and building close and very open and honest relationships.”

The market itself is also in a state of flux, seeing rapid expansion of existing home-grown companies and huge investment from many leading multi-nationals looking to gain share. The influx of global companies is forcing many local companies to “up their game” in terms of packaging, to at least match the shelf appeal and larger-scale economies of foreign companies.

According to the Manufacturing Director “The Middle East region is rapidly evolving, especially over the last five years, and is becoming highly influenced by global trends. In fact, the Middle East is rising as one of the fastest-growing markets. While some countries in the region are facing economic instability, the market still offers low taxation compared to the European market.

“In mature markets, such as Europe, specifications are high on the list of considerations in order to compare services & machines before making a decision. The Middle East, as an emerging market, is less concerned with specifications and instead is interested more in machine suppliers that offer high standards in terms of people, technology and machine building.”

For this project Cama supplied three machines. The first, for the company’s Kraky cracker line, is an IF315 top-loading monobloc packaging machine, which delivers box forming, product loading and box closing.

“This is a very compact machine,” Dell’oro explains, “which uses an in-house developed delta-type robot which can deliver fast and efficient product loading based on any number of different packaging recipes. In this case the machine has to cater for four different product formats and six different box formats.

“Extra flexibility was a key consideration too,” Dell’oro adds, “as the robot in the IF315 is capable of loading products onto the infeed conveyor of a downstream flowpacker, which creates flexible multipacks. From an upstream perspective, our IF315 integrates very favourably with other machines, including in this instance a machine from a company we have worked with in the past.”

The second line saw the installation of two IF296 top-loading monobloc packaging machines, both of which accept two in-feeds and package sandwich-style biscuits/cookies. In this application there is even greater variety, with seven flow-packed product formats and 11 box formats.

The Cama IF series – based on the company’s award-winning modular Monobloc architecture – offers users a unique combination of integrated packaging machines and robotic loading units. Through tight integration of each of the primary modules (forming, loading and closing), Cama has developed a machine that delivers the incredible flexibility demanded by the confectionary industry, but within a reduced footprint.

Both machines are part of Cama’s Breakthrough Generation (BTG), which is setting the standard in secondary packaging. They comprise modular, scalable frameworks that offer easy entry and access, coupled to a hygienic machine design. Within this framework, contemporary automation solutions, including advanced rotary and linear servo technology, is tightly coupled to inhouse-developed robotics, to deliver the all-important flexibility and adaptability required by modern packaging operations.

According to Dell’Oro: “Servo technology is used throughout the machine, which is what gives it its excellent flexibility for format and packagingcount changes. The robot solution used has been developed in house by Cama, which means we can deliver perfect robot/machine synergy. We are unique in the market in this respect.

By removing third-party robotic controllers, we can also sidestep any potential communication conflicts that can affect output. The robot technology has been specifically perceived for secondary packaging applications and, due to this in-house development, when our technicians install the machines or troubleshoot any issues, they are 100% capable of servicing the robot technology, too.

CAMA also closely coordinates with other reputable primary machine suppliers and, as a result, complete integrated packaging solutions and lines can be provided, from ingredients in the pallet out.

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