Filling gently on a large scale – baker produces sweet and savoury strudels with pumps from Wangen

Filling gently on a large scale – baker produces sweet and savoury strudels with pumps from Wangen

A large baker from Austria produces around 800 kilometres of strudel every year. Traditional recipes and natural ingredients ensure the excellent taste of the classic pastry. The baked goods specialist uses the hygienic VarioTwin NG screw pump from Wangen Pumpen to fill the various strudels. Sales partner Sonnek Engineering has put the icing on the cake by making the pump mobile at the customer’s request. 

Perfect filling plus economical production 

Highly viscous, sticky and with a high sugar content – this is how the delicious filling for apple strudel presents itself in production. The fruit mass is to remain intact even after further transport to the prepared strudel dough with pieces of up to twelve millimetres. Until now, a large baker from Austria tried to accomplish this task with a conveyor belt. 

What’s more: Different strudels are produced in compliance with the highest quality standards five days a week, 24 hours a day. In addition to apple strudels, the range also includes curd cheese strudels or savoury strudels, for example with spinach filling. 

The mobile pump 

To make production more economical, the system was converted to the VarioTwin NG from Pumpen Wangen. The advantage: The quantities can be gently conveyed with the system in batches of one to three cubic metres per hour. Sales partner Sonnek Engineering ensured that the pump is mobile on wheels at the customer’s request. The project business is an essential area for Sonnek, which adapts pumps to individual needs with a specialised engineering team according to customer requirements. 

Suitable for sensitive and shear-sensitive formulations 

For sensitive products in the food sector, the combination of the Twin NG pump with the VarioTwin NG additional module is a suitable solution. Especially highly viscous, lumpy and sticky masses are transported reliably and energy-efficiently. Sensitive and shear-sensitive recipes, such as the chunky filling for the apple strudel, are handled gently to consistently guarantee the high quality of the product. The pump series developed for the food industry guarantees safe cleaning in a CIP or SIP design or with EHEDG approval.

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