RADINI dough processing equipment

RADINI dough processing equipment

The point where artisanal and automated production meet

Rademaker is well known for high end and high volume bakery production equipment. Today the bakery sector requires even more flexible, automated production equipment with capacities up to 1.000 kg dough per hour. With the introduction of the Radini equipment range, Rademaker answers to these demands with a flexible, automated production equipment solution. Radini is the answer to minimize labor, maximize out-put and enables your business to reduce costs while maximizing profits.


Radini offers outstanding solutions with regards to flexible and highquality dough processing equipment, where ease of operating is key. The Radini equipment is designed and build with a compact footprint while it maintains accessibility for maintenance and high hygienic standards.

Due to the modular design new Radini components can easily be added to existing equipment without costly modifications. Rademaker’s proven techniques and technologies are the basis of a large variety of predefined Radini production line configurations. These production lines are capable of processing 400 up to 1,000 kg of dough per hour.

Radini can process a large variety of doughs from sheeted yeast doughs like pizza to laminated puff pastry or Danish. The Radini universal line offers a large range of tooling to shape the final product fully automatic whilst still leaving space to add that defining manual touch that defines your product. By simply adding new tools, you can grow your product scope with new innovative products.

Radini offers bakeries the possibility to fully automate the production process or help them grow their production capacity step-by-step from semi-automatic to fully automated production.

Automated process functions like dough sheeting and fat application can be combined with manual process steps to shape and form your final product. The possibilities are endless. In this way, bakers can stay close to themselves, be flexible and put their stamp on their products while increasing production capacity and product quality.


Technological excellence

Great care is given to produce high quality end products. This means that technological know-how is an important part of the development process. A team of bakers from the Rademaker Technology Centre assists in finding the optimal combination of artisanal and industrial excellence.

Predefined configurations

Ranging from a straight sheeting line to a three-section laminator and pastry production line, Radini offers a suitable solution for a variety of production methods and end products. A broad selection of predefined configurations and easy to add-on tooling provides bakeries with numerous possibilities.

Smart and automatic process control

All sheeting lines and laminators are executed with automatic process control features. Automatic height adjustments, infeed and outfeed control synchronize the production line speed to create an optimal dough sheet.

Intuitive control interface through PC capabilities

Radini’s operator interface (HMI) and control system are optimized to help the baker run their production line as efficiently as possible. A combination of a PLC control system and a PC oriented controls interface creates an optimal combination of system intelligence, safety and ease of operation. The 15” touch panel provides a user-friendly interface which can be tilted to the operator’s preference. Line controls, extensive recipe management and performance insights are included in the HMI.

User friendliness

The HMI is located on a standard location with overview over the production line. The screen can be tilted to the preference of the operator. An open cover design creates the best possible visibility on the production processes. Removable units and scrapers are ergonomically designed and easy to handle.

Based on proven Rademaker technologies

Radini has been completely designed to satisfy the requirements of today’s market. The lines have been equipped with Rademaker’s technical and technological high standards. Founded in 1977, Rademaker was one of the first companies to specialize in the development of industrial bakery solutions. Since Radini is part of the Rademaker group, 40 years of experience in the industrial bakery industry lies at the basis of the Radini equipment.


Radini production lines are serviced through Rademaker’s 24/7 service department. As can be expected of a Rademaker brand, the service does not stop after delivery of the equipment. The service department will support troubleshooting support on Radini systems. Radini specialists will provide additional support where required.


The Radini sales experts are happy to offer the client advice and guidance on the transition to an automated production process. Helping bakeries realize their ambitions is the priority. The goal is to provide solutions that meet and exceed the highest expectations for producing delicious, high quality dough products.

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